Nemzetközi disztribúciós tevékenység

AutoWallis Group’s international distribution business covers the wholesale trade of new motor vehicles and spare parts of different brands in the countries of Central and South-Eastern Europe.

Ssangyong motor vehicles and spare parts wholesale trade business 

In 2012, an AutoWallis Group subsidiary re-introduced the South Korean 4×4 specialist Ssangyong brand to Hungary and Romania. In 2018, we further expanded our Ssangyong distribution footprint, signing an agreement to cover the Czech and Slovak markets.

Jaguar and Land Rover motor vehicles and spare parts wholesale trade business

Besides the importing the Asian 4×4 specialist” brand, AutoWallis Group is the exclusive distributor of Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles and spare parts in 9 Central and South Eastern European countries: Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Hungary.