Domestic distribution business

Domestically, the AutoWallis Group is engaged in the distribution of ISUZU and Ssangyong motor vehicles, BMW cars and motorcycles, MINI and Maserati cars and the related spare parts. In April 2020, we added the Jaguar and Land Rover brands to the above range.

BMW cars, motorcycles and spare parts retail trade business

The AutoWallis Group is a dominant player in the domestic premium and luxury car market as the largest and longest standing Hungarian BMW car and motorcycle and MINI dealerships are part of the Group. Currently, AutoWallis conducts its BMW car, motorcycle and spare parts retail business at three sites in Budapest: a member firm of the AutoWallis Group, Wallis Motor Pest operates in one of the largest and most modern dealership of Central and Eastern Europe, where – beside the sale of new BMW cars – the electric and hybrid models of BMWi and the new BMW motorcycle models and, in a dedicated, two-storey building,  MINI models are offered for sale. Additionally, the Váci Road site of Wallis Motor Duna and Wallis Motor Pest is also regarded as an outstanding dealership in Hungary.

Maserati cars and spare parts retail trade business

Beside BMW, AutoWallis’s luxury product portfolio includes the exclusive Italian luxury brand, Maserati. AutoWallis is the domestic retailer of the cars and spare parts of the Maserati brand.


ISUZU motor vehicles and spare parts wholesale trade business

The AutoWallis Group is the exclusive wholesale distributor of the Isuzu brand in Hungary. The brand is oldest surviving Japanese carmaker and has become one of the largest manufacturers of commercial vehicles in the world over the last century. In the domestic market, it is a key player in the pick-up segment.

Ssangyong gépjárműés alkatrész nagykereskedelmi tevékenység

Az AutoWallis Csoport a dél-koreai ázsiai 4×4 specialistaSsangyong márkát 2012 óta képviseli Magyarországon.


Jaguar Land Rover dealership

Since April 2020, AutoWallis’s subsidiary, Wallis British Motors has been the sole dealer of the two iconic British brands, Jaguar and Land Rover, in the domestic market, after group member WAE won the exclusive right to import both the cars and the spare parts to Hungary in an international tender. The first showroom was opened to the fans of these brands in the 9th district of Budapest, at 5 Máriássy Street.


Used car trading business

The AutoWallis Group has been involved in used car trade with varying intensity over the last 20 years. We opened a new site, the Wallis Premium Used Car Center, one of the largest BMW dealerships of the region, in autumn 2018. Here we continuously offer around 60 premium categories, primarily “like new” used cars to our customers. Customers can choose from a wide range of models. each with 24 months warranty, certified history and free maintenance for 6 months or 10,000 kilometres. Furthermore, the MINI Used Car Next program is also available for our clients.

Used car trade was part of the AutoWallis Group’s business already before the opening of the premium used car center, as the Group has several decades of experience in the sale of used BMW and MINI cars and motorcycles through Wallis Motor Pest Kft founded in 2000 and Wallis Motor Duna Kft founded in 2001.